00:00.40 - Butterbean: "I hate sad music!"

00:02.30 - Butterbean: "I wouldn't like that at all!!"

00:05.50 - Cricket: "I can't tolerate that behavior. You must listen to sad music!"

00:13.85 - Butterbean: "How about Road Trip Adventure BGM - Opening/Replay instead?"

00:19.55 - Cricket: "No. I'm gonna visit JV's room and play sad music in room 103."

00:27.90 - Butterbean: " Why did you say that? I hate sad music!"

00:31.15 - Cricket plays sad piano music (this will make you cry) on you tube.

00:34.00 - Butterbean: "What's that music??"

00:42.10 - Butterbean: "Why are my eyes leaking?! What's making me cry?"

00:46.50 - Kids: "Sad Music."

00:49.25 - Butterbean: "You're right! Sad music is making me cry!! I'm gonna ask Cricket to shut it off!"

00:55.70 - Cricket: "*Sob* I love sad music. *Wail* What have I done??! I don't wanna play sad music anymore!! I want Road Trip Adventure BGM now!!!"

01:06.20 - Cricket: "(ululates then bawls)"

01:13.65 - Butterbean: "Thank you, Cricket! Don't be sad, Cricket. Road Trip Adventure BGM starts now!"

01:27.30 - Cricket: "Thank you so much!!! Hooray!"